The warranty herein extends only to the original purchaser and is not assignable or transferable and shall not apply to any machine which has been repaired by any one other than THERMOCLEAR or that may have been subject to alterations, misuse, negligence or accident or to any unit which may have had the serial number or name altered, defaced or removed.


The unit is a Class 1 FDA approved epilator, however it has been proven to provide off-label treatments in regard to superficial skin imperfections. In some jurisdictions, some treatments (i.e. moles, warts) can only be provided under the supervision of a medical physician. By signing below, I understand that I will not treat procedures that need to be diagnosed by a physician unless I have approval from a medical doctor (MD, ND, DO). I will not hold THERMOCLEAR (distributor), the manufacture or the sales agent responsible for any current or future ruling or action by any governing authority. I understand that I have fulfilled my due diligence in regard to what is permitted within my scope of practice. I have read and understood the above statement and purchase the machine with this knowledge.

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